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Fight For the Future

The problem is not censorship. The problem is the oligopolistic show of force that we have allowed — and it was a problem some of us have foreseen.

Had the people of this country held our politicians' feet to the fire to uphold antitrust regulation, there would be far more choice in the marketplace. We would not be in the position today.

I’m, personally, not threatened nor surprised that these private companies have this power/ability — it’s in their terms of service and I knew what I was getting into. We security and privacy kooks have been shouting from the rooftops for years and finally people realize that privacy is about more then “well I don’t have anything to hide”.

I welcome all my friends to use Signal, it seems you’ve all joined in the last week. Signal is good but not the only option.

Help us build secure, private, distributed communications systems that can’t be brought down by corporate terms of service or state sponsored “great firewalls”. It is completely possible not to rely on “big tech”.

Further, it’s time to break up “big tech” and also communication companies like verizon, comcast and others. Google, Apple, Facebook and others must not wield the power we currently allow them.

Computers are not the only way to communicate either. I’m an avid Amateur (Ham) Radio operator currently possessing the highest FCC license class “Amateur Extra” (callsign WJ0R). Please join us, I’d love to help you get involved. We participate in group discussions (nets) regularly. We send email (winlink) and text messages (aprs) without any internet or central infrastructure. We operate on grid power, batteries and solar. We have high power base stations, mobile (car) rigs and handhelds. We can communicate over thousands of miles from mountain peaks with only a 9v battery.

Take back your freedom. Take back your privacy.

Please consider donating to Fight for the Future too.